The Science Behind The Magic: Psychoacoustics

2Psychoacoustics is the perception of sound; how we interpret it's image, quality and direction. Today most of us are listening to digital music on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). The files most used are MP3's and AAC's, produced utilizing digital audio compression. These formats provide a reduction in file size, thus saving memory space while allowing for a higher number of songs to be stored. But this comes at the expense of a large amount of the data used to produce fidelity, image and dynamics, often dramatically reducing the sound quality. 

The loss of dynamics also tends to produce a need to play music at higher and higher volumes, leading to listening fatigue and in some cases, even hearing damage.

MindMagic®Audio’s advanced psychoacoustic processing is a tool we use to repair, restore or replace missing parts of the audio spectrum, recovering clarity and detail lost to compression of the original recordings. MindMagic®Audio reverses the effects of compression by reversing the dull and muddy fidelity and image typical of MP3 and AAC formatted songs. The 'dullness' that many of us experience and lack of a lively and broad sound image, results in music that feels like it lacks life.
MindMagic®Audio's advanced software actually works with how we hear, not just the sound resulting from the headgear your wearing, but by incorporating the brain. The powerful psychoacoustic algorithm that drives our MindMagic®Audio, integrates the way the ear and brain work together to improve your ability to interpret sound. By parametrically creating a double sideband spectrum to increase frequency density, the small hairs in the ear called 'Kinocilia', located within the Cochlea, neurally group together, compensating for damaged gaps along the Organ of Corti. What does that mean?

The benefit is improved hearing and a dramatically enhanced listening experience.

I’m truly amazed at what differences you’ve brought to my music listening pleasure.

-       John Tristao - Lead Singer, Guitarist CCR

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