"I just find it amazing,just download for my iphone, and it’s working just fine, poor itunes i might say!"
André Alves, Statues On Fire, Brazil

"My hearing flaws from working in high noise areas in factories were restored."

- Fred Pfeiffer

"It’s given me my hearing back! I don’t listen to music without it!
- John Tristao 

The listener’s drawn into a 3D listening atmosphere that doesn’t fatigue the ears, but 
relaxes, and you can enjoy the music for a longer period of time."
- Steve Gordon 

"I played songs thru MindMagic®Audio and it sounded and felt like the singer was in 
front of me singing. This was just standard Apple EarPods!"   
- Robert Funderburg 

"MindMagic brings back the full musical experience. It's like stepping out of a closet into 
a symphony hall."
- John Wyrosdick

"MindMagic®Audio gives listeners a much broader feel… like being at a live 
- Steve Gordon 

"HOLY SH&*T.... Makes those crappy Apple earbuds sound nearly as good as my $900.00 
in-ear monitors."
- Mark Hogue 

"I clicked to turn the App on, and my jaw dropped. I was absolutely dumbfounded on how 
good MindMagic®Audio sounds. Purifying your MP3 collection is an understatement. 
There are a few other apps that claim to do that, but honestly this is the only one. I’m 
always skeptical about things that are too good to be true, but this is it. "  
- Jay Gordon

MindMagic® Audio
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