5robert reamsFor over 4 decades, the founders of Audio Global, LLC, have been professionally involved in product and market development and manufacturing of the hardware musicians use to record and perform music.  Always maintaining a steadfast respect for maximized performance and quality at the most affordable price points possible, they have a legacy of providing the professionals with useful tools of great value, including amplifiers, processors, mixing consoles, speaker enclosures, microphones and headphones. 

It is this extended expertise in developing the tools that make music sound better that provided the guidelines for the same core team to develop their first tool for the consumers of music. Known as MindMagic®Audio, a powerful virtual player in the form of an App, this tool for those who love their mobile music will forever change the way they listen to music, by providing enhanced and improved fidelity and image, reducing fatigue, while delivering a truly stunning experience.  Based on psychoacoustic algorithms that reconstruct downloaded MP3’s and AAC’s, this App is simply amazing.  And like the long list of affordable yet high performance tools for the professionals, MindMagic®Audio is priced within easy reach of anyone with a iPhone, Smartphone, iPad or tablet.  Go to http://www.mindmagicaudio.com and learn more.

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