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4If you’ve already listened to a favorite song on your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone or Tablet using MindMagic®Audio, you are aware that listening to music on your mobile device can be a whole new experience.  If you haven’t, don’t take our word for it, download the App for free and experience the benefits of our amazing software that serves as an advanced digital player, converting your onboard song libraries into high fidelity, enhanced music that will provide you with a new and improved listening experience. MindMagic®Audio is compatible with most popular headphones and earbuds and works on devices that use iOS 7 or Android 4.1 (or newer) operating systems.

We’re aware of other Apps that claim to enhance and improve your listening experience, but there is no other App on the market that is based on the unique power of our psychoacoustic algorithm and no other App that will take the often stale, over compressed music files you have in your library and play them back to you with a level of fidelity and a depth of image that simply isn’t available anywhere else – that is unless you’re prepared to pay hundreds of dollars or more or carry around additional hardware.

Using the Playlist feature, you can download your favorite songs and build a customized set of songs.  This provides you with a personal library that is a touch away from the wonderful experience of your music, reproduced in ways that will encourage you to listen more often.  The more you listen, the more benefits that good music, made enjoyable to listen to, can give you.

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