The Founders

During the mid-1980’s, Bruce Forbes  was instrumental in transitioning a world class sound for hire U.K. based company, Hill Audio,  into a manufacturer and distributor of high-end professional audio products.  After leaving Hill Audio, along with then NYC Metro area Hill Audio rep, C.P. Pores, Forbes began to transition from extreme professional audio products to more practical products for the local musician.  Within a couple of years (1988), Forbes co-founded the CAD Audio brand (originally known as Conneaut Audio Devices), and C.P. Pores resumed representation of the new company in the NYC Metro area, in time broadening his territory to encompass much of the Eastern US.  

 Born from the ashes of adefunct and aging commercial microphone brand and facility, Astatic Microphones, CAD became an innovative leader in products that helped define the Home Studio industry, Forbes worked through the disciplines involved in product and market development, managing an innovative and multitalented development team that achieved benchmarks including rack mixers, recording consoles, automation, processing and microphones.The team developed the first ‘servo-topology’ mixing consoles, which established a new and elevated standard for signal integrity for multichannel mixing systems.  These mixing systems, known as the Maxcon Mixing System, were known for unparalleled clarity and tonal transparency. Their microphone successes profoundly impacted the microphone industry when the Equitek Series of condenser microphones was introduced, virtually defining the Home Studio Microphone genre.  The Equitek Series and later V Series microphones, were known for their superb low frequency stability and overall signal transparency.  For nearly 15 years, Forbes, Pores and the CAD/Astatic teams, continued to raise the bar on quality and value for products that included radio support, recording, communications, industrial and commercial applications, including OEM participation with many world class brands.  As early as 1989, they introduced a ground breaking analog ‘psychoacoustic’ device, known as a Spectral Recovery Processor – an amazing audio device that was designed by co-founder and partner at CAD, Robert Reams.  His genius remains fundamental in the newest product the team is bringing to market.  Reams is also considered a preeminent mathematician and holds numerous patents that are the fundamental elements behind specialized signal processing including surround, spectral recovery and psychoacoustics.  Reams left CAD early in the 1990’s to pursue a career in the integration of his ingenious algorithms into the global broadcast and satellite music and entertainment networks.

After 15 years, Forbes and Pores left Omnitronics, LLC, by then owners of the CAD, Astatic, Valor and Challenger brands.  Wanting to focus on reducing the cost of excellence which, by 2002 was their known expertise, they joined with foreign partners to develop additional microphone and headphone products under their new brand, Equation Audio, established in 2003.  This effort operated successfully for many years and by 2013, led to their interest in and now developed consumer software based product, MindMagic®Audio – a natural evolution of their long standing design fundamentals:  Develop products that improve sound and do so at the highest possible level of performance and quality at the lowest possible price. 

Through the more than 30 years of product market and development, manufacturing and distribution, Forbes and Pores have also established a sincere and dependable reputation for providing exceptional customer service

It is the Audio Global, LLC mission, to establish the MindMagic®Audio brand as the unique and powerful App it is and implement a continuing program for improvement, upgrades and enhanced customer satisfaction.  Our confidence is neither based on self-indulgence, delusion or myth.  It’s simply the historical background and the means they have developed to support and enhance the industry they have served during their careers.

Thank you for your interest in us and our company and our product:
Bruce A. Forbes, President
C.P. Pores, Vice President
Audio Global, LLC
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