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MindMagic Now FutureWe live in a time when technologies advance the goods and services that enhance and improve our lives at the expense of the creators and composite elements that make them a success.  Streaming is one of those remarkable technologies that at least for a many of the people who create the music or are related to the services that support streaming, operates at their disadvantage.  The technologies we choose to use and enhance our lives should always favor a business model that is dedicated to the support of every person and element that underpins its creation, development and ongoing success.

MindMagic®Audio improves your life by improving the music you purchase and download onto your mobile devices.   Although our current technical platform does not support Streaming, if we currently had that capability, we would not necessarily engage those services that stream music.  We support a business model that fairly compensates those who write and create the music that underpins one of our most fundamental and enjoyable activities.  We also acknowledge the growing conflict between those companies that stream products to their clients and the service providers who make it possible – another underpinning element critical to the music business but often compensated unfairly.  Well-reported disagreements between many artists and streaming services illustrate that the revenue models most streaming services use, compensates the songwriters poorly.  However, we also believe if any artists feels the exposure to the general market is worth the relative poor revenues earned for playing their creative works, that is surely their right and we find nothing wrong with that.

As we roll MindMagic®Audio out into the marketplace, we do so with the confidence that those individuals who download their favorite music onto their mobile devices and utilize our MindMagic®Audio App, will find listening to music a compelling and amazing experience.    Whether they listen to music already onboard their mobile devices, make new purchases or download those stored within the cloud, they can create separate ‘songlists’ within the MindMagic®Audio App, customizing a dramatically improved way to listen to music.

During our long beta testing program, we consulted individuals from their early teens to over 90 years in age.  The response was universally exuberant, with many individuals of all ages commenting on hearing artifacts they have not heard before or in many years.  Many also noted they felt like the MindMagic®Audio experience, even after relatively long sessions, caused much less fatigue.

So if you love music and express that affection by loading it onto your mobile device,

you directly contribute in a positive way to the songwriters, service providers and other elements and businesses that are critical to the global music industry, all the while experiencing an enhanced and potentially beneficial listening experience.

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