The MP3 AAC Digital Compression Controversy

An Introduction

The following article was written by the chief scientist and creator of the engine within MindMagic®Audio, Robert Reams.   He comments on some of the problems and solutions required to improve the sound quality of the compressed audio we're all listening to.  It also takes to task some conclusions and statements made by one of the other companies, who is offering an alternative solution to MindMagic®Audio.

Several companies have been discussing the shortcomings of MP3's and AACs and what they want to do to provide better sounding music. In almost all cases they are offering access to new 'High Definition' versions of the songs that millions have already purchased.  These offerings are either through new playback systems, playback systems and new HD files, or new HD files through a service with a monthly fee.

In an article written by Jacob Ganz (December 2008), entitled The Decade of Music, and currently on the site, he wrote, "During the past decade, the MP3 file has yanked music free from physical formats entirely, and the number of ways fans can experience music has exploded."  "It's possible that music lovers today have more access, and listen to more music, than ever before."

MP3 files broke the chain that held music to our homes, offices or limited it's availability because of the space tapes and CD's required, not to mention the multiple players.
The upside of MP3, AAC and other similar formats is the freedom to access and store tremendous amounts of our music within our smartphones, tablets, pads and pods without any requirement for additional hardware.   Breaking the limits of the amount of music we have, unrestricted portability and lower costs are all benefits of the creation of these digital files.  What a WONDERFUL THING!  We at MindMagic®Audio get it.

But we also realize that the overall fidelity – the quality of sound, its image and frequency response have been compromised.  We are aware of mounting anecdotal evidence and the beginnings of some clinical support, that point to negative effects from frequently listening to digitally compressed music in MP3, AAC and similar formats.  Listening fatigue is one of the more obvious.

The software making the conversion of recorded music into these highly compressed formats has increased the access and variety of music for all of us.  There are literally tens of millions of music lovers around the world who have substantial collections of their favorite songs on their phones and tablets and other digital devices.  Simply look around the malls, airports, subways and parks at people from all walks of life engaged in this very human activity, one that positively impacts our lives in so many ways.

Knowing there was a quality of performance issue, but recognizing the convenience and potential costs issues, MindMagic®Audio was created to realistically confront the negative characteristics of these files, while maintaining their positive attributes.  We understand and appreciate that millions of music lovers own substantial libraries and prefer a solution that allows them to keep those collections and also avoid purchasing additional hardware.

What is called for is a 'software' solution.  What is needed is an App for mobile devices, powerful enough to substantially improve and enhance the quality of the response and image of existing MP3, AAC and similar compressed files.  AND, this powerful software application must be affordable.  Without judging the emerging hardware solutions that often require repurchasing our music libraries, MindMagic®Audio has been developed to embrace the benefits of digitally compressed files, yet defy the status quo by producing a real and amazing improvement and enhancement of our music and the listening experience.

This has been achieved by developing software featuring unique and powerful psychoacoustic algorithms that will change the way we all listen to music, delivering this extraordinary benefit at extremely low cost, ease of use and without compromising our existing music libraries or future additions to our music collections.
We at MindMagic®Audio invite you to read on and learn why we feel our product is so awesome and will revolutionize the world of portable, digital music.

We at Audio Global, LLC, the management firm behind MindMagic®Audio, have had a thirty-year affiliation with Robert Reams.  During those years, often with his extraordinary expertise and assistance, we developed and brought to market several benchmark products.  From mixing consoles, signal processing, to microphones and headphones, we always maintain a philosophy of maximizing performance at the lowest practical cost – in other words, our primary objective is 'Reducing the Cost Of Excellence'.  We achieved performance, quality and pricing at every opportunity.  We're continuing that tradition with MindMagic®Audio.

Robert Reams is well published and holds quite a number of patents.  His approach to audio spans four decades and always involves his genius for interpreting sound and signal generation and propagation with an ingenious talent for mathematics. 

The management of MindMagic®Audio embrace his position as described in the following article and strongly recommend you take the time to read through and gain an accurate understanding of the controversy involving digital compression, MP3, AAC and similar file formats and the resulting effects on all of us who listen to music.

Bruce A. Forbes
President, CEO
Audio Global, LLC

CP Pores
Vice President, Operations
Audio Global, LLC

MindMagic® Audio
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